Acropolis Museum on Google Maps

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I’m not sure when this went up on the internet, but no one has pointed it out to me before, and so therefore I offer you the following post.  I just discovered that the Acropolis Museum in Athens is featured in the Google Cultural Institute (a division of Google of which I was hitherto unaware), and it has a page where there is featured selection of various artefacts in its holding, so details of the gods on the East Parthenon Frieze, the Antenor Kore, the Moschophoros, various decrees, and so forth.   That is all fun and good, but if you click on the little yellow man by the words Acropolis Museum you can actually view the inside the museum in Google Maps with 360º rotating views, including a full walkabout of the Parthenon frieze and the gallery of sculpture on the first floor.

Need to see the whole…

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