Geospatial Resources

Geographic Information Systems


Free GIS Data
Robin Wilson, University of Southhampton
-well organized; hundreds of sites; easy to use for research purposes. Data organized by theme and country.

GIS Data Depot
-Free and for-fee data and tutorials

US State Data
University of Oregon Libraries
-Spatial data for the US, organized by state.


Introduction to ArcGIS for Archaeologists
University of Leicester’s free online tutorial series. ¬†Uses ArcGIS 9 (a bit dated), but good for the general concepts

GIS Basics
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access
-GIS tutorial for beginners using ESRI ArcMap; literally lays out everything about GIS; step-by-step tutorial; looks promising

What is GIS
Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI)
-informative website about GIS and has good links to get a newcomer started

3D and Visualizations

-interesting article about software used specifically for geospatial archaeology; has links on technology about 3D archaeology.



Open Topography
– portal for high resolution datasets


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