Geospatial studies have become both pervasive and essential components of archaeological research, dissemination, and preservation.  Despite its ubiquity the use of geospatial applications in archaeology is still in its early stages, with its full capacity for the discipline not yet broadly realized.

The Interest Group in Geospatial Studies brings together members of the AIA with interest and expertise in geospatial applications, broadly defined to include such areas as GIS, GPS, remote sensing, geophysical applications, and visualization.  Our purpose is to serve as a place for the exchange of ideas, the formation of collaborative initiatives, networking with other professionals.  An additional purpose is to serve the broader mission of the AIA by acting as a liaising body with other relevant professional organizations.

Members of the Interest are brought together via a variety of informal and formal means:

  • colloquia and workshops during the annual AIA meetings
  • additional meetings and symposia
  • a group-specific listserv (AIA-Geospatial@liststerv.cofc.edu) to foster group collaboration, communication, and coordination
  • blogs and social networking sites to engage with the broader public by sharing events, lectures, news stories, or other items broadly relevant to the subject of geospatial studies in archaeology

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