Three-Dimensional Modeling in Mediterranean Archaeology: An Open Invitation

Bill Caraher “The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World” is in the process of soliciting posts to his blog on the use of 3D imagery in archaeology. Not only is the topic interesting and somewhat timely, but I am looking forward to seeing how the process of gathering and disseminating these posts develops.

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

The positive response to my call for blog posts on issues centered on 3D modeling in Mediterranean archaeology has continued. For recent posts on this topic see here, here, and here.

My motivation for doing this came from this a number of sources. The most proximate inspiration came from a recent, fine article: Brandon Olson, Ryan A. Placchetti, Jamie Quartermaine, and Ann E. Killebrew, “The Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project (Akko, Israel): Assessing the suitability of multi scale 3D field recording in archaeology,” Journal of Field Archaeology 38 (2013), 244-262 (check out my brief summary and discussion here)’ I’ve also been amazed and inspired by some of Sebastian Heath’s recent work with the Kenchreai Excavations; Adam Rabinowitz’s interest in new ways to document both ongoing excavations and archives (e.g. here); Eric Poehler’s work at the Pompeii Quadraporticus Project; my wife’s encounters with 3D…

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