At the AIA Annual Meeting in Seattle, Deb Brown co-organized a session on managing archaeological data. The talks were recorded, and she has made them publicly available via YouTube. Bill Caraher, one of the speakers, has compiled them nicely within a single blog post.

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

This past week, Deb Brown, who co-organized our panel at the Archaeological Institute of America’s annual meeting made the talks available on the YouTubes.

All the papers were very solid on this panel and it provides a nice overview of the state of the field. I offered a reflection on the paper in their immediate aftermath here and have more to say on the topic in here. Keep your eyes open for the next issue of Near Eastern Archaeology for some additional thoughts on the topic (with a more practical perspective) by David Pettegrew, Sam Fee, and me. (Hopefully we can make a pre-print of that available sometime soon.)

So here are the papers in one handy place.

Archaeological Data and Small Projects: A Case Study from the Pyla-Koustopetria Archaeological Project on Cyprus. William R. Caraher (UND), R. Scott Moore (IUP), David K. Pettegrew (Messiah College), and…

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