Gizmodo Features Archaeology is taking the opportunity of International Archaeology Day to write about the use of technology in archaeology:

Geoff Manaugh:  The Technology of Archaeology

Kelsey Cambell-Dollaghan:  “The Streets Are Hollow”: What’s It Like to Be an Archaeologist in NYC?

Geoff Manaugh:  Laser-Scanning Hundreds of Artificial Caves Beneath Nottingham

Robert Sorokanich:  Lasers, Drones, and Future Tech on the Front Lines of Archaeology

Geoff Manaugh:  Drone Mapping Lost Pyramids in the Andes

Jordan Kushins: Beneath the Streets, Lost Cities

Jaime Condliffe: CyArk Wants to Digitally Preserve 500 Heritage Sites In Just Five Years


About Jim Newhard

Director of the Center for Historic Landscapes and Professor of Classics at the College of Charleston
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