Bring in the Drones: 3D Modeling Using Aerial Imagery at Archaeological Excavations

3D Thursday!

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

This is the fourth in a series of posts exploring 3D modeling in Mediterranean and European archaeology. For more on this project click here. We hope these papers will start a discussion either in the comments of the blog or on Twitter using the #3DMedArch hashtag.

Ryan Baker, B.A. Student in Classical Archaeology. University of Texas. Co-Founder ArchAerial LLC.

For every joke I endured this summer about technology from the Starship Enterprise coming to the field of archaeology, a real conversation followed about the future of the discipline in terms of digital representations of an excavation.


I’m an undergraduate student finishing my B.A. in Classical Archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin, and last fall I started a small business called Arch Aerial LLC that set out to create easy to use aerial photography platforms with autopilot capability in the form of multi-rotor helicopters and small fixed-wing UAV’s…

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About Jim Newhard

Director of the Center for Historic Landscapes and Professor of Classics at the College of Charleston
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