Linear B in 3D

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

This is the third in a series of posts exploring 3D modeling in Mediterranean and European archaeology. For more on this project click here. We hope these papers will start a discussion either in the comments of the blog or on Twitter using the #3DMedArch hashtag.

Dimitri Nakassis, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Bill’s invitation to write up some thoughts on 3D modeling in Mediterranean archaeology came at a welcome time for me, as I had just co-directed the first season of a project imaging the Linear B tablets from the “Palace of Nestor.” The project makes use of two 3D technologies: Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) and 3D scanning using a Breuckmann smartSCAN 3D white light scanner.

I should probably take a step back and explain the project a little. The project is co-directed by myself and Kevin Pluta; also participating are James Newhard, who in handling…

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About Jim Newhard

Director of the Center for Historic Landscapes and Professor of Classics at the College of Charleston
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