Bill Caraher provides some of his thoughts on the panel on archaeological data, presented on Sunday morning. Of possible to geospatial folks, as this invariably affects much of how we manage spatial data.

Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

Our panel yesterday on Managing Archaeological Data in a Digital Age was really nice. There was an engaged audience and a diverse but cohesive group of papers. What more could you want for a panel on the final day of the conference?

I won’t bother to sum up the paper in part because they should be made available before too long on the Youtubes or similar. My paper is available here, but I tweaked in a bit so it’ll read differently from how it was delivered.

The panel and drinks afterward got me to think about how we organize our efforts in digital archaeology. It seems to me that our efforts are focusing more and more on four areas.

1. Digital Data Collection in the Field. This involves collecting digital data at the edge of the trench and involves applications, technologies, and methods designed to streamline the production…

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